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We appreciate the trust you place in us when you refer a patient, friend or family member to Sound Physical Therapy. Our goal is to provide each of our patients with customized care tailored to their specific needs and goals.

At Sound Physical Therapy all care is delivered by a Physical Therapist who has advanced training in differential diagnosis as well as a wide variety of approaches to care. We find that our 55 minute treatments improve the quality of our care and decrease the average number of visits per episode. With this model of care, we have time to thoroughly listen and educate at each treatment and we can include treatment for more than one patient problem in each session.

Our Initial Evaluation includes a detailed differential diagnosis and discussion of lifestyle and goals, followed by the formulation of a customized plan of care. Clear communication with our patient and the referring provider is an important part of this plan. This first treatment includes a written home program for the patient and a typed Initial Evaluation is faxed to the provider. Re-assessment is done at each subsequent treatment, with plan of care being modified to reflect progress, and a Status Report is sent to the provider each 30-60 days.

We provide care for orthopedic injuries for elementary school age students on up, with the upper limit determined not by age but by the fact that we as are not credentialed with Medicare. We can accept patients with Medicare Part A only. All of our PTs treat injuries from the foot on up to the neck, incorporating movement patterns of the full body into all of our care. For details on our areas of specialty care please go to Our Services heading above.

We are pleased to be celebrating 15 years in business, and the three Founders and Owners, Brenda, Chris and Ingrid couldn’t have done this without the talent and commitment of the Sound PT Team.