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At Sound Physical Therapy we consider ourselves as specialists in outpatient orthopedic physical therapy. We are ‘generalists’ in the sense that all of our staff are skilled in treating the wide variety of orthopedic diagnosis and conditions commonly seen. In addition, many of our staff are skilled in additional areas of care such as pelvic floor treatment, medical bike fit, throwing injuries, adolescent care, firefighter rehab and biomechanical analysis, vestibular rehabilitation, pre- and post-partum/childbearing therapy, and ergonomic consultation. For more details on our areas of specialty care please go to Our Services heading above.

Care at Sound Physical Therapy is delivered solely by the physical therapist. The treatment is patient centered and the focused on providing high quality manual therapy and soft tissue release techniques, mobilizations, therapeutic exercise, modalities and education.

Below is a list of some of the more common conditions we treat. Please call us to discuss your condition with one of our PTs if you are experiencing something not listed.

Post-op Rehab

rotator cuff repair
cervical discectomy
ACL reconstruction
hip labral repair
ankle debridement
ankle stabilization
foot surgeries
total knee replacement
lumbar discectomy and other
spinal surgery
total shoulder replacement
elbow ligament reconstruction
hip resurfacing
arthroscopic knee procedures
total hip replacement
hamstring repair
spinal fusion

Spine - neck and back care

acute strains
degenerative changes
disc herniations
Pre/post partum spine pain
postural pains
facet injuries
post operative spine pain
piriformis syndrome

Postural Faults

forward head
rounded shoulders
sway back
posture weakness
core weakness
anterior pelvic tilt

Work Injury

neck pain
lifting injuries
hip, knee and ankle strain
shoulder, elbow and wrist strain
repetitive strain injury
low back pain
carpal tunnel
fall injury

Sport Injuries

muscle/tendon strains
shoulder impingement
runner's knee
hip impingement
patello-femoral syndrome
ACL,MCL, PCL sprain
achilles tendonitis
tennis elbow
meniscus tear
ankle sprain
golfers elbow
shin splints

Auto Accident Care

shoulder strain
low back pain
sacroiliac joint strain
mid back pain
rib pain
knee contusion

Pelvic Floor Therapy

pelvic pain
coccyx pain/coccygodynia
levator ani syndrome
pelvic floor muscle weakness
pelvic organ prolapse
pudendal neuralgia
interstitial cystitis
vulvar pain syndrome