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        Snow is in the Mountains - time for snow sport conditioning!

It is predicted we will have an El Nino year, but there will still be plenty of fun in the mountains.  And now is the time to prevent snow sport injuries.

Conditioning:  Studies show that overall fitness and regular cardio exercises can help you prevent injuries in all sports.  Specific conditioning and balance work are helpful for all the snow sports. Leg exercises such as squats and lunges can be done with movement, as a hold, or at the wall to improve strength and endurance.  Single leg balance drills that mimic your snow sport can help prevent falls as well as small ‘tweaks’ to your joints and muscles.  Core work such as side and front plank holds are tough and require only the use of the floor.  And for Nordic skiing be sure to do arm exercises that mimic poling by using either resistance bands or pulleys.

Gear Check:  Get ahead of the crowds and check your gear.  Time for waxing and edge grind? A custom boot fit or new shoe inserts?  Any equipment failures last year that need to be repaired or replaced?  And do your boots, helmet and clothes still fit?

On the Slope:  Sitting in the car both to and from the slope is a recipe for stiffness.  Warm muscles are less likely to be injured, so do some gentle stretches both before and after your runs.  And do a few warm up runs or loops before hitting the harder hills or loops. And be sure to stay hydrated.

Consult with a PT?:  It is more effective to consult with a PT when a pain or injury is small.  Now is a good time to get care for those nagging muscle and joint pains.  And if you do injure yourself, treatment sooner rather than later is better.

Drive safe and keep doing those snow dances!

Sound PT acknowledges that we are on the traditional land of the Coast Salish people, including the Duwamish People past and present. We honor with gratitude the land itself and the Duwamish Tribe.

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