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          Did you know that you have Direct Access to see a Physical Therapist?  This means that you can consult a Physical Therapist for evaluation of your musculoskeletal problems, without first seeing a doctor.  Direct Access can save you both time and money, and with COVID can also limit your medical interactions. 

          Physical Therapists are skilled in differential diagnosis.  Your PT will listen to your history and perform a musculoskeletal evaluation to determine the reasons for you pain or limitations, and if indicated will refer you to a doctor if additional tests or care is needed. 

          Summer activities and gardening are here, so now is a good time to for PT to help you be ready for these!  And with many of us working and exercising from home, a PT Telehealth visit to view and make recommendations on your home work or gym station could be very helpful.

          Most Washington insurance carriers will pay for PT without a doctor’s prescription.  Exceptions include Kaiser and LNI.  Call you insurance provider if you are unsure. 

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Covid-19 Precautions
Sound Physical Therapy is using the current COVID guidelines and making adjustments to our scheduling for social distancing and cleaning. Masks are required and available should you forget yours.

Sound PT at West Seattle Runner


Alicia Chunn PT, ATC and Ingrid Sparrow PT, CMPT provide a presentation at West Seattle Runner in early November As part of their training, this group of WS Runners are learning injury prevention as they prepare for the half and full Seattle Marathon. Be active, stay safe and have a healthy autumn.




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Neck and Back Care - Sport Specific Rehab - Work Injury - Posture and Ergonomics - Auto Injury - Women's Health - Medical Bike Fit
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