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Work injuries can be the result of a sudden unexpected event or accident, or can be due to repetitive stresses over time. An injury can affect your ability to work in many ways. You may need to take time off from work or to modify your work to avoid pain. Or you may be able to continue with your usual work but you would like to resolve your injury and prevent its return.

In any of these situations there is often damage to joints, nerves or soft tissues causing your pain and preventing you from completing your work. As musculo-skeletal and rehabilitation experts, this is when physical therapy can help. Our physical therapists have advanced training in specific evaluation of you and your injury, and in exercises and conditioning to return you to work.

We have years of experience treating injured workers so we tailor your care according to the demands of your work as a firefighter, dock worker, office manager or roofer to name a few.

Treatment, authorization and communication is coordinated with your doctor to minimize your time away from work.