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The “Childbearing Year” refers to the constantly changing and physically challenging time from conception to the months after delivery. During this time, the hormonal and other physical changes of pregnancy may take a toll on a woman’s body. With hormone induced ligamentous laxity and changes in body size, posture, and exercise/activity level, old injuries can flare up and become troublesome again and new injuries can occur.

A physical therapist experienced in pre- and post-partum care can help!

We Can Provide:

  • Rehabilitation for spine and other joint pain
  • Body mechanics and ergonomic instruction specific to the changing needs during the childbearing year
  • Patient guidance and education with exercise guidelines and progression to return to a full exercise program
  • Labor and delivery pain management
  • Labor and delivery positions specific to orthopedic considerations
  • Post cesarean care
  • Abdominal and pelvic rehabilitation after surgery