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Your First Visit - New and Returning patients


When You Call to Schedule:  (206) 301-0600

Our front desk staff will ask you for the following information:

  • Personal contact information

  • Insurance card information - please have your card available for reference

  • Depending upon your insurance coverage, a prescription or referral may be needed from your physician

  • For work injuries (L&I) or motor vehicle (PIP) claims, please provide your claim number, date of injury, name and phone number of your claim representative


What to Bring for Your First Visit:

  • Complete the Medical History Form via the Patient Portal. This link will be sent to you 2 working days prior to your appointment. This information will be uploaded into your chart.

  • Insurance card - we will make a copy

  • Current Doctor prescription if needed, and diagnostic imaging reports 

  • LnI or Auto accident Claim number or pre-authorization form if needed

  • Co-pay (if needed) – you may pay with check, cash, HSA/FSA cards or standard CC. 

  • Returning Patients:  We welcome our return patients. If it has been more than three months since your last appointment you will need to complete our the medical history form via the Patient Portal. Look for an email with the link to the Portal.


What to Expect at Your First Visit:

  • Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to complete the registration paperwork, check in and have your questions answered.  

  • Arriving early gives our front office time to put together your chart, collect your co-pay and answer questions you many have and still start your appointment on time

  • You will be asked to wear a mask and to wash your hands prior to the beginining of this and each session. There is a sink in the 'gym'.

  • The therapist will take you to a private room for the Initial Evaluation and utilize the 'gym' as necessary.

  • All patients will have an explanation of their current condition and what Home Exercises and protection principles they can perform prior to the next session.


Direct Access - Do I Need to See a Physician Before Coming to Physical Therapy?

Washington is a Direct Access state. This means that physical therapist can provide physical therapy services directly without a referral. However, many insurance companies require a physician referral or prescription in order for your treatment to be covered. Please check with your insurance company to determine your PT benefits and if a prescription is required.


Insurance Information:

The ever-changing world of insurance benefits can be a confusing topic. Sound Physical Therapy's goal is to keep you as informed as possible regarding your insurance situation. For further information see our Insurance information page.


What to Expect at Every Visit:

  • Scheduled appointments start at the beginning of each hour and are 50-55 minutes long. You will spend each treatment 1:1 with your physical therapist.

  • We find it is best if you are treated by the same therapist at each session.

  • Our schedules are generally quite full so please schedule ahead 3-4 weeks to achieve the goal of consistent scheduling.  This is especially important if you need an appointment early or late  in the day.  


What to Wear:

  • For low back or leg problems please bring shorts and a t-shirt.  Stretch pants may suffice for follow up appointments.

  • For females with a back, neck and/or arm problem please bring shorts and a top with an open back (halter, bathing suit, etc.) Note that a sport back jog bra obscures viewing of the shoulder blades and is not recommended.

  • Treatments are conducted in either a private room and/or the open area based on your treatment needs.


Late Cancel and No Show Policy:

  • Sound Physical Therapy makes every effort to meet our patient's needs. Should you need to cancel an appointment, we appreciate advance notice so that we are able to offer your appointment time to another patient.

  • In order to meet the needs of our community, we require your cancellation notification by 2 pm the business day before your appointment.

  • In the event of a missed appointment or late cancellation, we charge a $75 fee.


Fragrance sensitive environment:

  • For the comfort of all of our patients and staff we strive to be a fragrance free environment.  

  • Many people are sensitive to fragrances and chemicals in general, and have health problems that can be triggered by exposure to these substances.

  • We avoid using fragrances in our cleaning products and we ask that our patients and staff refrain from using spray colognes, strong perfume, or scented lotions prior to coming to the clinic.  


Bringing children to your physical therapy appointment:

  • Sound Physical Therapy officially discourages patients from bringing children with them to physical therapy appointments as this can interfere with delivery of care by the PT or be disruptive to clinic operations.

  • Sound PT recognizes that there are circumstances in which a patient will bring a child in order to attend the appointment; this will be allowed only if the child does not interfere with the delivery of care to that patient or is not disruptive to clinic operations.

  • The patient is at all times responsible for the child’s safety and behavior while the child is in the clinic, and any child under 12 years of age must remain with the patient.  



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