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Climbing is physically challenging activity with a variety of elements that maku it a unique sport / recreation. Sound Physical Therapy has first hand knowledge of training injury prevention activities in addition to rehabilitation in the event of an injury.

Your physical therapist will:

• Provide a comprehensive customized initial evaluation that will include objective strength measurements using dynamometry. 

• Provide you with a tailored treatment plan to keep you climbing and training with a healthy body. This will include a proper climbing warm up as well as on- and off-the-wall training, with climbing technique assessments as needed.

• Identify general mobility issues, asymmetries and impairments that may impact your form or increase likelihood of injury.

• Educate you on specific and general risk factors of injury. 

• Optimize climbing and training mechanics by correcting faulty movement.

• Provide a personal plan for improvement.

• Create custom pulley protection splint in-office to help keep you climbing and training with a pulley injury as appropriate


Common injuries for rock climbers:

 Finger pulley and hand lumbrical injuries 

 Overuse (medial and lateral epicondylitis, shoulder strains)

 Ankle sprains • Shoulder (rotator cuff, labrum, impingement)

• Wrist (TFCC) • Knee (ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL, meniscus)

• Whiplash associated neck and back pain