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Thank you for choosing Sound Physical Therapy, a locally owned, independent practice with the mission of providing YOU with high quality, evidence based physical therapy.    Our care is grounded in the belief that movement is joy, and we are here to help our patients regain optimal movement and return to the activities they enjoy.

Each visit you will spend 55 minutes with your Physical Therapist who is dedicated to answering your questions so that you have a good understanding of the cause of your problem.     Your PT will create a course of care customized to YOUR needs, working with you with hands on and movement techniques in the clinic,  as well as developing  a home / gym and home program.    We share your goal of getting out of pain and back to work, home and play.

Sound Physical Therapy opened in April of 2002.    We are happy that 17 years later, we are told  we have reached our goal of creating a clinic that is a great place to be a patient and an employee, and  which  helps to keep our West Seattle community healthy and a great place to live.   Thanks to all who have been part of our community, and we look forward to meeting the rest of you.

All of our care is provided by experienced Physical Therapists passionate about their care and professional development.    We all have advanced training in differential diagnosis, manual therapy techniques, exercise and movement re-education, pain management, adolescent care and sports medicine, ergonomic and body mechanic education, and return to work and sport.    In addition we provide specialty care in biomechanical assessment of walk and run, throwing analysis,  casting for custom orthotics as needed, medical bike fit, pre and post partum care as well as care for the childbearing year,  pelvic floor therapy for women and men, and vestibular rehabilitation. 

Access to care in America continues to evolve, with one change being the increasing use of physical therapy as the entry-point for common musculoskeletal conditions. PTs have Direct Access  - which means that you may come directly to a PT for evaluation and care (keep in mind that while most insurance providers pay for PT without a MD prescription there are a few who still require this to pay for care.  If you are unsure, we recommend you call you insurance provider).   As needed, your PT may refer you to another provider if there is need for further evaluation or specialty care. 

If you need PT we hope that you will see you soon.  If you are unsure if PT will help you and you would like to meet with one of us, please click to our Injury Screen page.