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         Gearing Up for Summer Cycling ?       

Biking is important to many of us as part of our fitness routine or as one of our means of travel.  Injury, less than optimal bike fit or improper  technique can lead to further injury, may cause you stop biking altogether or may prevent you from achieving your biking goals.  And where is the fun in that?

A Medical Bike Fit, done by one of our specially trained Physical Therapists, looks at you and your bike, and you on your bike.  Few of us are symmetrical in our boney alignment, in our strength and flexibility, or in our coordination.  Over the thousands of pedal repetitions, the effect of these asymmetries can build up and lead to injury or a loss of power (which we need with all our Seattle hills!).

At the end of the Medical Bike Fit you will be given information identifying bike or equipment changes to be made, stretches tailored to you as a biker and specific recommendations regarding technique or strengthening to help your comfort and performance.  

We look forward to helping your feel healthy and strong on your bike, and to seeing you on the road. 


Sound PT acknowledges that we are on the traditional land of the Coast Salish people, including the Duwamish People past and present. We honor with gratitude the land itself and the Duwamish Tribe.

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Sound PT in West Seattle is looking to hire a Full Time Physical Therapist. New Grads welcome! Please call the office for the email address.

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Spring:  Community Injury Screens - WS Bridge - New PT!

Need a Spring Wellness Check - Choose PT!! 

We still share with all of West Seattle the opening of the bridge and the easy access to Sound PT. 

In support of the West Seattle fitness, we monthly hold Free Injury Screens at the West Seattle Health Club and West Seattle Runner WS - come check us out at these businesses or in the clinic

Welcome to Nicole Sarles DPT at Sound PT!!



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Neck and Back Care - Sport Specific Rehab - Work Injury - Posture and Ergonomics - Auto Injury - Women's Health - Medical Bike Fit
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