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Moving a patient from pain to function often requires a change in habits - one of the hardest changes to make. Our Physical Therapy is effective, in part, because we have the time and expertise to support these changes. All of the care at Sound PT is delivered solely by an experienced Physical Therapist. Our 55 minute treatments allow us to really listen to our patient history, and to then mutually develop a course of care.

Each treatment is customized to the patient's current needs. A course of Physical Therapy generally begins with a focus on education, restoring normal movement patterns, manual techniques and self care. Our care then progresses by developing a home and/or gym program which addresses specific muscle strength/endurance imbalances and cardiovascular fitness, and begins the process to return to work, fitness and sports. As we move our patients to self care, we solidify their home program and their path to return to activities.

The pattern we see, is that as the intensity of our Physical Therapy program increases the frequency of our Physical Therapy care decreases. This reflects the shift in focus from the clinic to the home/gym AND the reality that building muscle and changing movement patterns requires that most precious thing - time. Over the past 15 years we have found that our 55 minute treatment model improves both the quality of our care as well as the work satisfaction of our Physical Therapists. We have recorded a decrease in the average number of visits per episode as we have time to thoroughly listen and educate patients at each treatment , and that we can expand our care to include treatment for more than one problem into each session.

We thank you for referring your patients, friends and family for care at Sound PT, and we look forward to working with you.