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Car accidents happen. They are stressful, cause a variety of injuries and can be disruptive to work, home, sleep and fitness. How can Sound Physical Therapy help?

Our physical therapists have advanced training in specific evaluation of the joints, nerves and soft tissues which may be injured in an MVA. Our comprehensive evaluation includes listening to your history and symptoms followed by a thorough musculo-skeletal evaluation with ongoing communication with your doctor as indicated.

Care is then tailored to your individual needs. Your PT will work with you to develop a program which keeps you active at home and work while providing recommendations as to how best to promote and support healing. Your program will include a combination of manual therapy to restore normal tissue and joint mobility, education in ergonomics, posture, body mechanics and sleep so that you can continue to work and play as you heal, and specific exercises to restore normal strength and movement.

Treatment, authorization and communication is coordinated with your doctor to minimize your time away from work.