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Sound Physical Therapy in collaboration with the Seattle Fire Fighter Union IAFF Local 27 and the Seattle Fire Fighter Healthcare Trust is offering 2 different programs to address fire fighter injury risk: The Physical Therapy Injury Prevention Program (PTIPP) and the Physical Therapy for Recruit School Program (PTRSP).

Fire fighters at are higher risk for injury than average workers due to the physical demands of their job duties and the training required to be ready for the variety of work conditions and activities they encounter.

We consider the physical demands of working as a firefighter comparable to those of a high-level athlete. Many firefighters are devoted to regular fitness activities to reduce the risk of injury but still experience injuries on the job or outside of work.

Physical Therapy Injury Prevention Program (PTIPP)

The Physical Therapy Injury Prevention Program (PTIPP) is free for Seattle Fire Fighters and is located at the Station 2 Fire Fighter Health Clinic, where the Annual Fire Fighter Medical Exam (AFFME) program is offered.  The AFFME provides you with information assessing your overall health. The PTIPP provides you with information about your musculoskeletal health.  When participating in the PTIPP you will have two options:

  • The PT Injury Prevention Screen consists of a series of physical drills and activities to assess your flexibility, strength, balance and stability. If a fire fighter is not currently experiencing any pain issues, the screen is used to help identify areas at potential risk for injury.  Optimally it is followed up by an additional 1-hour consultation session with the PT.  During this session, you will be provided with advice regarding exercises and activities to address the areas of potential risk for injury. 
  • PT Consultation for Musculoskeletal Pain is appropriate when fire fighter has a pain issue that does not prevent them from working but is impacting their quality of life. A musculoskeletal pain consultation is sometimes followed by an additional 1-2 visits to help determine if the provided recommendations were helpful or need to be modified.
  • Scheduling at Station 2: The PTIPP is offered on Mondays and Fridays of each week.  You have the option of scheduling on the same day as your Annual Fire Fighter Medical Examination (AFFME), if it falls on one of these days, and you may receive an email or text asking you to participate. This would be the hour either preceding or following your AFFME appointment time. You can also attend on a different day if you wish to participate in the program.
  • Call/text 425-666-9110 or email to schedule.


Physical Therapy for Recruit School Program (PTRSP)

The Physical Therapy for Recruit School Program (PTRSP) is also free and is offered to recruits and training staff during the 4-month period when the recruit school is in session.  Individual, confidential sessions are offered at the Sound Physical Therapy (SPT) clinic at 3823 Delridge Way, approximately 10-15 minutes from the Joint Training Facility (JTF). For directions, please go to the location tab at the top of this page.

  • Why does the program exist: Each recruit has devoted a tremendous amount of time and energy to earn the opportunity to be a Seattle Fire Fighter but some may develop pain issues that prevent them from completing the program. Also, new fire fighters often report that they have nagging pain issues, as a result of their time in the recruit drill school, that follow them into their careers. Our goal is to help everyone successfully complete the training and start their careers as healthy as possible.
  • When to schedule: If a recruit or trainer is experiencing musculoskeletal pain that is not preventing them from participating in normal training activities but is of concern and has the potential to worsen, consultations are available for evaluation to assist with symptom reduction and self-management strategies.
  • When not to schedule: If a recruit or trainer has a more serious injury that prevents them from participation in training activities, this should immediately be reported to the appropriate supervisor so that a formal work injury report can be filed.
  • How to schedule at Sound PT: To match the typical JTF recruit school schedule, appointment times will be available at Sound PT on Monday afternoons and some additional weekday evenings. Below you will find registration and scheduling links (see below).  Complete the required information and select the day and time that you want.

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Are you in need of additional Physical Therapy for an injury?

For fire fighters with work-related or non-work-related injuries, services are available at the Sound PT clinic in West Seattle through your health insurance coverage.

We have found that combining traditional exercise strategies with job specific training activities, tailored to the needs of a fire fighter, can produce excellent results.

Sound Physical Therapy can help make sure fire fighters are ready to handle all aspects of work, so they can return to the job they love with confidence.

If you wish to schedule a Physical Therapy appointment at the Sound Physical Therapy clinic in West Seattle, please call 206-301-0600.