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Biking is important to many of us as part of our fitness routine or as a means of travel. Less than optimal bike fit, injury or improper technique can lead to further injury, may cause you stop biking altogether or may prevent you from achieving your biking goals. And where is the fun in that?

A Medical Bike Fit, done by one of our specially trained Physical Therapists, looks at you and your bike, and you on your bike. Your PT will then make recommendations as to needed modifications to your bike or equipment, your riding technique, and your strength and flexibility.

At the end of the Medical Bike Fit you will be given a packet identifying bike or equipment changes to be made, as well as stretches tailored to you as a biker and specific recommendations regarding technique and strengthening to help your comfort and performance. Video analysis while riding on the trainer is also available.

If you are consulting us for a medical problem — most often knee, back or neck pain — the Medical Bike Fit can be billed to your insurance as a Physical Therapy Evaluation. We also accept cash for a Medical Bike Fit.